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Trends in Office Design

GSMA Agile Working

EngineRoom’s work with clients like GSMA – and the design of their dramatic new office headquarters in the Walbrook Building at the heart of London’s City – requires more than a touch of insight into the latest trends in interiors and office design. Listed below are a number of directions we’ve seen developing recently and the key thinking we put into our project plans.

Collaboration: providing a more collaborative work space supports the requirement to balance think time and team time.

Private out; shared in: when we apply some basic insight into how employees interact, we see that space planning which removes large private offices in favour of shared private zones delivers true business benefits.

Transportable technology: employees no longer remain in one place all the time and available technology has to reflect this; the ability of staff to access relevant technology has a dramatic impact on office design.

From desks to touchdown zones: productivity doesn’t require being tethered to a desk and the functional freedom today’s workers demand is the basis of the modern office.

Plan space by activity: space planning based on what employees do seems obvious but is rarely seen; work activities range from checking e-mails to informal meetings and the zonal office must reflect this.

Barriers to success: the trend of reducing the amount of space behind walls continues; there is a direct correlation to employee satisfaction.

At EngineRoom we understand that it’s never a “one size fits all” for our clients and we use the above trends and insights appropriately to ensure we create the best possible environment to promote business harmony and profitability.