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At EngineRoom we see how rapidly the modern workplace is changing and with it the need for increased mobility, privacy and security.

One of the less glamorous sides to security is the introduction of safe and secure storage into business environments. A necessary evil on account of the protection of employees’ personal belongings are a prerequisite for any organisation these days but it usually involves the acquisition and installation of the dreaded staff locker!

Designer lockers for the office

But offices don’t need to look like swimming pool changing rooms from the 1970’s. Design, form and function have come a long way since Tucker Jenkins was tossing his Grange Hill uniform into a steel box.

The classic industrial-style locker is being re-imagined by designers and manufacturers all over Europe. Often marginalised during the design phase, the storage or locker rooms of modern businesses are now afforded an appropriate amount of thought and commitment. Equally, the availability of new fabrication materials and textures are helping to make lockers objects of desire rather than drab utilitarian compartments.

classic school locker design in wood

Knowing there is one place an employee can keep their property safe offers significant peace of mind and remains the overall aim. But as interior designers, you gotta love lockers and it’s time to start having a bit of fun with them!