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Having stood on both sides of the fence as a commercial property development and investment consultant and also as a Director of a firm of Architects, it is quite apparent that the two industries of Property and Construction don’t understand each other’s basic business models. Too often, the construction industry fails to understand the principals as to how commercial property is valued and consequently doesn’t appreciate how small changes can have a large impact on site or investment value and, as a result, the all-important Developers Profit.

At the same time, the property industry struggles to understand the construction process and the large risks and management time that go into delivering a project either on the part of the contractor or the professional design team.

In business, we all have to focus on the bottom line and it would be greatly improved if both sides had an improved knowledge base understanding of how the respective businesses really work.

Agile Working

Agile working is a transformational working pattern where people can work anytime, any place, anywhere. Whilst flexible working is not new, agile working is a ‘New Way of Working’ which incorporates time and place flexibility brought about by advances in technology, and changes in the way people now work.

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