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open plan living is on the decline


The requirement for the EngineRoom team to design open plan residential schemes appears to be on the turn, as increasing numbers of clients want their homes to provide more privacy.

The reason for this privacy? Mobile devices.

All of a sudden, WALLS are back in vogue as clients want a mix of secluded areas where they – and members of their family – can tap away on phones, pads and surfaces. The advent of portable technology means the open plan design of a living room is in danger of becoming a dinosaur. We’re receiving more requests to remove spacious lounges and come up with designs which allow for multi-functioning across the family unit.

Of course, the flexibility to have a communal family space is still provided by large, open dining rooms and kitchens, which have stayed on brief. But it’s the living room which is being rapidly transformed [back in time, almost] because of the way the space is being used.

We have recently started the re-design of a property in London which has been driven by our client’s realisation that the “family” no longer congregates around the TV anymore. It used to be a central focal point but is now merely a distraction to surfing, gaming, social media and YouTube. The new design offers some challenges in terms of how it will impact the rest of the building, but the good news is…we do WALLS!